WP.1 Business and Technical Requirements of the Project

  • D 1.1 All-Round Recording of Claims
  • D 1.2 Technical Requirements, specifications and system architecture
  • D 1.3 Scenarios and evaluation criteria

WP.2 Development of subsystems

  • D 2.1 IoT Platform
  • D 2.2 Data security and protection
  • D 2.3 Real-Time Event Processing
  • D 2.4 Collection and processing of great data volume (Big Data)
  • D 2.5 Notifications with push technology
  • D 2.6 “Internet Connectivity, Getting Data from Mobile Devices “
  • D 2.7 Mobile and Platform Front-end (CMS)
  • D 2.8 Intelligent and interoperable API for case-by-product use and value-added with multiple systems
  • D 2.9 Development of technical profiling

WP.3 Integration, improvement of the system and validation of the technology used

  • D 3.1 Lab Testing and Delivery of Prototype No1
  • D 3.2 Lab Testing and Delivery of the Final Prototype
  • D 3.3 Dissemination of results (strategic planning, production of supporting material, participation in promotional activities)

WP.4 Pilot

  • D 4.1 Design and planning of the pilot
  • D 4.2 Pilot implementation
  • D 4.3 Evaluation of the pilot, including recommendations from end users

WP.5 Feasibility Study

  • D 5.1 Integrated analysis and study of the functional, economic and technical aspects of the project

WP.6 Trade Shows

  • D 6.1 Participation in trade fairs